Heavy Duty Alignment 4-Day


Course Dates:

Feb 19, 2024
- Feb 22, 2024


77 Graterford Rd, Royersford, PA 19468, USA

Start Time:

8:30 AM
This 4-day course is designed to instruct the heavy-duty alignment technician in alignment theory and alignment equipment operation relevant to class 3 through class 8 single and multi-axle road tractors and trailers. Hunter’s WinAlign software operation is covered in-depth, which includes alignment diagnostic angles, Automatic Bushing Calculator and CAMMs program. Additional information covered includes vehicle inspection and tire/wheel vibration diagnostics. This course serves to prepare the technician for over 70% of the material covered on the ASE T5 exam and incudes a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on shop training. The hands-on training gives the student an opportunity to use current Hunter alignment equipment to perform wheel alignments on vehicles in the shop. The quantity of vehicle alignments may vary with each class.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

A working knowledge of how camber, caster, toe, thrust angle and tandem scrub angle effect tire wear and vehicle handling
The ability to recognize HD suspension and steering systems and identify adjustment methods
The ability to determine and select the correct alignment specifications
The ability to setup the aligner and accurately measure the primary alignment angles
The ability to perform the alignment procedures necessary to properly align single or multi-axle tractors and trailers
The ability to understand the alignment printouts and be able to convey the results to others
The ability to measure and adjust a semi-trailer
The ability to accurately measure all alignment angles including the available diagnostic angles
The ability to interpret alignment measurements and printouts to determine the cause of pulls, drifts, wander, darting, tire wear, dog tracking, improper steering wheel position
The ability to use advanced alignment angles and determine bent or damaged components: Steering Axis Inclination, Included Angle, Turning angle, Setback and Maximum Steering angle
The ability to effectively use WinAlign's automatic bushing calculator and control arm movement monitor to adjust camber and caster on Twin I-Beam and SLA suspensions
The ability to determine the cause of tire/wheel assembly vibration problems related to balance


Heavy-duty truck and trailer service experience.

Target Audience

Medium and Heavy-Duty Service Technicians.